Lassi, Kefalonia

For my most recent holiday I visited a place called Lassi in Kefalonia. I must start by saying that it is a beautiful place, very picturesque with scenic views for miles. We stayed in the Mediterranee Beach hotel, situated right on the seafront with its own relatively secluded patch of beach. In September the temperature was upto about 26 degrees C, which was perfect for me as I could lie in it and the heat does wonders for my joints.

The hotel. It was a lovely hotel, we had a ground floor room which was excellent for me, no waiting around for lifts or climbing stairs. On the whole it was very accessible within the complex, there was even a lift down to the beach. It had a cute little pool to lie around that you could always get a sun lounger by. I find there’s nothing worse than standing around in the heat, PoTS going mad and desperately needing to sit before you go all dizzy with just a floor as an option. The situation was the same on the private beach with the exception of a small charge to have a lounger and umbrella. The restaurant had enough space to get around with a walking stick which is always a bonus, sometimes I find it gets in the way when really it shouldn’t, everything should be accessible.

Hotel negative: it’s down a steep, steep hill. I missed this bit of info when booking. Luckily for me I was only on a stick and not in my chair, there is no way anyone could have pushed me up there night after night. We like to explore as a family and find different tavernas and bars of an evening and if I was in my chair this would not be possible. I’ve been working really hard to increase my leg strength but I had to stop several times on the way up and down with my stick.

The food. As you may or may not know, I have gastroparesis and a lot of problems with my body reacting to certain foods. Gluten being the main one so finding places to eat that are allergen friendly is a big thing for me. We were half board so we had our breakfast and evening meal included in the hotel restaurant. At breakfast there was not a great deal I could eat so I mainly had protein bars that I’d brought from home. They did do gluten free toast and eggs but I try to only have a small breakfast. The food in the hotel had a clear marking system on the evening menu of which items were gluten free. The evening menu was put up every morning, from this I determined whether or not I wanted to eat in the hotel that night. (I’m also quite a fussy eater so going out for a meal happened on more than one occasion, you can keep your seafood and the lamb thanks). It was a self serve buffet and the menu had everything from salads to fish, meats, veg and potatoes. It wasn’t 100% to my taste but there was always an option there, I think Greek may just not be the cuisine for me.

Outside of the hotel, (once you’ve near killed yourself getting up that stupidly steep hill) there are a few lovely tavernas and restaurants lining the main road. We visited several of these, especially at lunch time. There’s a lot of pita bread going on and not a lot of separate allergen menus, therefore I’ll start with the restaurants I found to be the easiest to navigate the gluten free options.

Da Veronica.
This was for me the best restaurant we visited. The menu had a gf symbol next to all the items that did not contain gluten which made up a large proportion of the menu. We got the halloumi in balsamic vinegar, mushrooms in a creamy sauce and sausages in a spicy vegetable sauce/stew to start. It’s unusual on holiday for us to be able to share three starters so this was amazing, I also could have ate them all day they were that good.
I was predictable as ever for my main and got steak.

Best starters ever 🤤

Sirtaki Taverna
I really struggled finding gluten free pizza and pasta in Lassi. I know I should be busy trying all kinds of meat stews etc, but I just love my carbs.
This was the only place I found that did gluten free pasta, I was so excited to try this place and it did not disappoint. We shared halloumi and stuffed peppers as a starter which were pretty tasty and then for the main I just had a tomato pasta. I know sounds boring, but it’s one of my favourite things, plus after craving it all week, it was so much more delicious!

The other restaurants were a lot more difficult to figure out the menu, a lot of them didn’t exactly fill me with confidence in ordering. I asked in one place if they had gluten free pizza and the response I got was, ‘pizza is pizza’. I must admit I spent most of my time ordering chicken gyros which are just like a kebab. I just ordered them with no pita, it seemed to work out fine (even if the odd pita bread still came with them).

Overall I really enjoyed my time here, it was lovely and relaxing. I would advise this place to anyone who has a decent level of mobility or someone who wanted to spend a lot of time in the hotel. It’s just not the most accessible place, that was the only disappointment for me as I probably would have liked to have seen more of the island. Too many hills and mountains, with no easy access up them. I did get to visit Argostoli by bus which was easy enough to do. Here it was a lot flatter here and easier to navigate around and there were lots of bars, restaurants and shops.

On the bridge in Argostoli
Church in Argostoli

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